We at 3 Way Marketing are considered the digital specialists, and we promise to take your company to new heights! We use innovative digital marketing channels such as, SMS, Email, AVM, Google Pay Per Click, Affiliates, Mobile and more to generate your company new business. We get a kick out of your success!



SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is cost-effective and allows you to reach your customers quickly and directly. Research shows that over 95% of people will open and read an SMS. Generate new business using 160 characters or less.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing offers a huge opportunity for ROI (return on investment) and is a trusted channel among leading businesses. Send visually appealing messages directly to your audience’s inbox.

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AVM enables you to have a direct impact on your target audience in 45 seconds or less. An automatic, professionally recorded voice message is played as soon as the targeted recipient answers the call.

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Lead Generation

Using multiple marketing channels, we generate the interest of potential clients in your service/product with a process called lead generation. Pricing models include Pay per Lead or Pay per Campaign.

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