Available Positions

Data Scientist



Position Name: Data Scientist
Division: Operations
Reporting Line: Head of Data


  • Set up and drive management of data processes.
  • Data mining using state-of-the-art methods
  • Implement automated scoring of data using machine learning techniques.
  • Utilize knowledge of statistics and modelling to convert data into actionable insights that can be used to improve business.


  • Application of data mining techniques, statistical analysis, and resultantly building high quality prediction systems integrated with our products to drive improvement to ROI.
  • Extending company’s data with third party sources of information when needed
  • Enhancing data collection procedures to include information that is relevant for building analytic systems
  • Manage the implementation of ETL processes via processing, cleansing, and verifying the integrity of data used for analysis
  • Doing ad-hoc analysis and presenting results in a clear manner
  • Creating automated data systems with constant tracking of its performance


  • BSc Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Engineering, or any other technology related field
  • MCSE (advantageous)


  • 5 years+ as a data scientist implementing results on the field
  • 5 years+ as a data analyst or data engineer
  • Worked in a marketing environment looking at big data (advantageous)
  • Experience with integration of data from multiple data sources
  • 1 years+ database design and management (advantageous)


  • Good applied statistics skills, such as distributions, statistical testing, regression, etc.
  • SQL and/or NoSQL database usage (SQL, MySQL, Mongo, Cassandra, etc.)
  • Cloud based Machine learning tools (tensorFlow, AWS Alexa)
  • PHP, R, Python, Java, Jupyter
  • Experience with common data science toolkits such as R, Weka, NumPy, etc.
  • Good understanding of machine learning techniques and algorithms, such as k-NN, Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision Forests, etc. (advantageous)
  • Good scripting and programming skills (R, C++, Java) (advantageous)
  • Understanding of git – repositories (advantageous)



Lead Developer


Position Name Lead Developer
Division Operations
Branch/Department Operations
Reporting Line Head of Technical Operations

·       Take ownership of current core and future new custom-built systems

·       Assist the business to move forward using innovation, automation, ai and data

·       Work with external partner relationships and providers to meet business objectives


  • Develop. Develop new systems, oversee, build onto and maintain current systems and tools.
  • Support. Work closely with the BI team to ensure they have what they need to excel.
  • Automate. Assist in streamlining processes to automate as much as possible.
  • Project Manage. Involvement in all aspects of the project life cycle. Comfortable with taking ownership of a project and running with the project. Lean / agile project management styles are preferred.
  • Test. Quality is very important to us, and through automated testing we strive to keep the quality of our systems as high as possible.
  • Data. Work with huge sets of data, both using SQL Server and other databases.
  • Innovate. drive the group to be at the forefront of technology within our sphere of business which is very much heading into.
  • Creation and implementation of strategies and systems that will keep the company competitive and ahead of the game in a fast-changing global marketplace.
  • Architect. Develop appropriate architecture frameworks, standards and policies aligned to business requirements.
  • Secure. Implement effective and robust security measures to protect all company systems, servers and data.
·       Degree in Engineering or computer science. 

·       Advanced experience with SQL queries and optimisation as well as the ability to use an ORM (the two major ones are Eloquent and TypeORM) within a framework.

·       Experience with AngularJS, NodeJS and Laravel.

·       Experience with HTML 5, Javascript (browser side) and CSS.

·       Experience with at least 1 frontend framework such as AngularJS, Angular, React, Vue, etc.

·       Must be open to learning new languages.

·       Knowledge about Docker and Docker Compose and how to use them for development.

·       Experience in writing unit tests using frameworks such as Mocha.

·       Experience in integrating with SOAP and REST APIs.

·       Experience with git and git-flow for subversion control.

·       An understanding of hashing and encryption and when they should be used.

·       Experience with Linux terminal.

·       Experience with a structured database such as MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL. This includes database design, indexing, query optimization, etc.

·       Must have knowledge of or be open to learning devops and containerization.



·       Experience with Angular (any version higher than 2).

·       Experience with Typescript, more specifically, the NestJS framework.

·       Server administration experience, terminal experience, etc.

·       Experience in using Redis for caching and other functionality.

·       Experience with at least 1 framework written in PHP.

·       Experience with nginx, apache, or haproxy.

·       An understanding of JSON and YAML (YAML for use in Kubernetes).

·       Experience with a structured database such as MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL. This includes database design, indexing, query optimisation, etc.

·       Development in an Agile fashion.

·       Experience with Kubernetes and the use of a Kubernetes cluster for production environments.

·       Server deployment experience, KVM (virtual machines), firewall, network routing, VPN setups.

·       Scrum experience.

·       Leading a team of external and/or internal developers.



·       Self-driven person who can take initiative with minimal guidance

·       Proactive – capable of identifying and initiating change

·       Positive and energetic

·       Structured and detail orientated but able to work in an unstructured environment

·       Must be able to multi-task, work within a team or alone

·       Needs to be focus driven on implementation and delivery

·       Attention to detail

·       Ability to work under pressure

·       Good communicator

To Apply : jobs@3waymarketing.co.za

Call Centre Sales Agent


Job Description

Position Name Sales Agent
Division Call Centre
Reporting Line Team Leader


We are looking for people who love selling, love talking and are self-driven.


3 Way Marketing currently has over 300 team players and the number keeps growing. When the company started in 2007, we planned to be one of the largest lead generation companies in the country –12 years later, that dream is now a reality, with bigger and better horizons to pursue.


We want you to be a part of our team if you want to have unlimited earning potential and have fun while doing it!


Full training is provided.


To Apply : jobs@motherfinancial.co.za



The role is required to:


–       Sell short-term motor plans (Warranty and Service Plans)

–       make cold calls to leads and generate sales

–       have strong objection handling skills

–       have a strong telephone manner

–       meet daily, weekly, monthly targets and annual key performance indicators (KPIs





  • Matric
  • South African Citizen
  • 6-12 months outbound call center experience preferably in the insurance or motor industry




  • Target driven
  • Self-driven and motivated
  • Ability to understand the client’s tone of voice and receptiveness
  • Good communication skills
  • Customer service oriented
  • Ability to quickly address customer concerns and questions and overcome potential roadblocks in the sales cycle




To Apply : jobs@motherfinancial.co.za