"Your brand is a never-ending marketing campaign"


Your brand is a never-ending marketing campaign, which creates customer loyalty, and constantly builds awareness even when you are not engaged in an active marketing
campaign.   Branding helps both new and established customers visualise your offerings and place increased trust in your business.

3 Way Marketing are digital specialists. We connect you with your selected target market through a variety on digital channels – These include SMS, Automated Voice Recordings,
E-mail and Online channels!

SMS Campaigns

An SMS is a 160 character text message that we send out to a targeted audience. The SMS allows interested clients to interact and respond to your product / service.

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Email Campaigns

An E-mail campaign is a specially designed E-mail (graphics and content) that we send out on your behalf to your targeted market segment. We can use your data or our accredited data.

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3 Way Marketing offers you the opportunity to access one of the largest databases in South Africa, consisting of 52 million consumers. All databases are de-duplicated against the Do Not Contact List, registered with the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa.

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An AVM is a 10 – 45 second professionally recorded voice message which plays automatically once the targeted recipient answers the call.

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